About Me

Hello ,I am Prabhav Jalan,15 years old studying in Dhirubhai Ambani International school in Mumbai. Welcome to my blog about all things related to science! The aim of this blog is to describe interesting and fundamental aspects of science to anyone and everyone who would like to learn more about it, regardless of their scientific background.

I hope that you will find my articles interesting and they will entice you to learn more about the incredible world in which we live. I will write about topics that I find interesting in the hope that you will too.  My specialisation area is chemistry and physics , but I will also dive in to biology , as well as some history of science.

I aim to write two blog posts a month and always find time between schoolwork and my other hobbies, such as robotics and guitar. It is feedback from readers, that keeps me going. “People reach out to me from all different walks of life, asking me questions or giving me positive feedback, which really encourages me to write. It makes my day to know that people are reading my work and learning.” I always encourage other teenagers interested in both science and writing to start a blog too.

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